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We are a West Australian owned and operated family business specializing in metal fabrication. We are doing out part to support local by only sourcing our materials and resources from Australian businesses, so you can rest assured that from the materials, to the finish and everything in between, is supporting local Australian businesses.

At Austech Illusions, we are proud owners of our very own state of the art Plasma Cutter. This machine allows us to cut through up to 25mm steel like butter! This along with our team of dedicated graphic designers, gives us the ability to bring all of your steel dreams to life. We are able to create for you beautiful custom designs only limited by your imagination.

We offer a full range of metal solutions for residential and commercial sectors from the planning and design stage all the way through to the fabrication and installation of your product. We offer full installation of all gates including site works.

The Plasma Cutter is one of the most interesting and powerful tools developed in the 20th century. Using basic principles of physics to harness the fourth state of matter, plasma. Our Plasma cutter makes cutting the steel the easy part, the hard part is choosing what custom design you want!

What is Plasma?

Plasma is created when a gas reaches an extremely high temperature. The energy begins to break apart the gas molecules causing the atoms to begin to split. In plasma, electrons separate from the nucleus. Once the energy of heat releases the electrons from the atom, electrons begin to quickly move around. The electrons are negatively charged, leaving behind their positively charged nuclei also known as ‘ions’. When the fast-moving electrons collide with electrons and ions, they release a large amount of energy. This energy is what gives plasma its incredibly unique status and unbelievable cutting power.

How does a plasma cutter work?

Plasma cutters work by sending a pressurized gas, such as nitrogen, oxygen or argon, through a small channel. Negatively charges electrodes are found in the center of this channel. When power is applied to the negative electrode and the tip of the nozzle and the metal touch, a circuit is created. A powerful spark is generated between the electrode and the metal. As the gas passes through the channel, the spark heats the gas until it reaches the fourth state of matter, Plasma. This reaction creates a stream of directed plasma, approximately 16, 649 degrees Celsius and moving at 6,096 meters per second. This heat and speed reduce the metal to molten slag. The plasma cutter due to incredible heat it generates, sits on a bed of water to help cool the metal down.

Our staff are trained to go above and beyond with every single job they complete. It is because of our exceptional standards of work, our intricate eye for detail and the ability to create and complete projects of all sizes with a fast turnaround time, that our clients receive nothing but the best possible experience from Austech Illusions from the first initial contact to the finished product.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team on 1300 737 225 or send us an email at sales@austechillusions.com.au

Our Company Values:

At Austech Illusions, we have a variety of values that we hold close to our hearts;

  • Safety: At Austech Illusions, safety is the most important value we hold. Working with big machinery can be dangerous which is why all of our staff have adequate training to use the equipment and are always required to wear appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Loyalty: At Austech Illusions, we believe in loyalty. All of our staff are with us for the long haul, so you can trust that you will be able to deal with the same metal worker for all of your projects!
  • Customer service: At Austech Illusions, we believe customer service is key. We want you to remember our business for all the right reasons which is why all the way from our administrative staff to our Metal Workers you will receive nothing but the best service from them all. All of our staff are trained to go above and beyond to ensure all our clients are satisfied with every job completed.
  • Efficiency: At Illusions, we pride ourselves on our efficiency. We provide only the best services at a fast pace. All our staff are experts in their area, so they know what they are doing and are able to perform their tasks faster than most. Although they are fast, they will never rush a job, or make little mistakes, they will complete the job to only the highest possible quality.
  • Integrity: At Austech Illusions all our staff show a high level of integrity. We ensure that all of our staff are trustworthy and reliable and that we as a company practice and encourage open communication between staff and clients. To enhance our integrity, all of our staff are required to hold a police clearance as well the proper certifications that are necessary for them to provide only the best quality of service they can possibly provide.
  • Honesty: At Austech Illusions, we thrive on honesty. Our staff will always put in 110% effort to ensure that the quality of our products are nothing less than the best!
  • Passion: At Austech Illusoins, all of our staff have a passion for what we do. Our staff will always perform to their maximum capability, providing only the best services because they have a passion for the area they are working in.
  • Accountability: At Austech Illusions, we know that sometimes things break which is why we provide all of our clients with a 1-year warranty.
  • Constant improvement and innovation: At Austech Illusions, we are constantly wanting to be the biggest and best which is why we are always finding new ways to be ahead in our industry. This is why we offer custom designs for all of our customers! If you have an idea we would love to bring it to life!

We pride ourselves on the fact that our staff from the day that start at our company are taught to work consistently by these values. We use these values to ensure our clients are only providing the best quality of service humanly possible.

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