Privacy Policy

Austech Illusions does not disclose personal information about any of its customers to any unrelated third party business. We do not sell, rent, lease, loan, trade or otherwise divulge the addresses on our list to unrelated third parties or any unauthorized personnel. Information may be disclosed to authorized government and legal authorities, and authorities contractors conducting business on Austech Illusions behalf. Austech Illusions takes privacy very seriously, and only uses ecommerce and internet products endorsed or recommended by the major banking and technology sectors. Information about IP addresses, web browsers, and computer operating systems are automatically transmitted to web servers as an integral part of the operation of the internet. This information is used for demographic purposes as a technical resource to better serve web site users. Our website logs are not personally identifiable and we make no attempt to link them with individuals that browse the site. If you place orders on this site, information including your credit card number and contact information is of only collected as a necessity. This information is used solely to record and fulfill your order. Credit card details are not stored on this website. Transactions are processed through the national merchant gateway authorized by the four major Australian banks or via Paypal (if ordering online or internationally). Our online store uses ‘cookies’ to store information on the items you place in your shopping cart, and to facilitate the online shopping process. Cookies are also used to provide a more efficient and dynamic service to regular customers. Visitors can request to join a mailing list by sending an email to with “Become a Member” in the subject line. We maintain this list of Priority Members to inform them of new information on this Website.