Compass Sundial Functional Perth Region on Base

Compass Sundial Functional Perth Region on Base

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Sundial and Base – Functional Perth Region in 3mm Mild Steel – Finished in Raw Steel

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Made in Western Australia from Australian steel!

How to use a sun dial?

  1. Place your sun dial on a flat horizontal surface outside in the sun. Make sure that your sundial is in a place where it will be exposed to sun all day.
  2. Using a compass make sure you face the end of the sun dial with the N on it, north. To find true north, use a hand compass or your phone.
  3. When the sun hits the sundial you will start to see a shadow on the numbers! This shadow is how you will determine what the time is.

Please note that this sun dial has been made to suit Perth, Western Australia time (Southern Hemisphere). For custom cities please enquire within. 

Finished in raw steel

Dimensions: Sundial
Height: 500mm
Length: 500mm
Width: 3mm

Dimensions: Base
Height: 700mm
Width: 1.6mm

Please note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.

Note: Items may look slightly different in photos. Since our products are hand finished, each sundial may look slightly different.

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Weight 8.5 kg