About Us

Founded from the Covid downturn sculptor and artist Stephen Rowe has put together something special.  Stephen is inspired by the natural environment, his wife Natasha and his family.  His work reflects his love for them and their home state of Western Australia. Stephen also loves dinosaurs and the Jurassic Park movies, as can be seen in the ever growing collection of steel dinosaurs on display and for sale at the Midvale gallery and online. 

From the state-of-the-art studio and workshop, using the most up to date equipment and processes, Stephen, Natasha and the Austech team design and create not only fabulous one-of-a-kind statement art pieces but also beautiful pieces of décor for the home and garden, fire-pits and garden arches, sun dials and bird baths....and much more!  The range is ever expanding and evolving.

Not only is Stephen creative - he is also practical and innovative - producing fire skids and trailers for fighting fires and dust reduction, for home and commercial use. Steve has also designed and manufactured many other items for personal, business and industrial applications as per client brief.