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Dinosaur 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Small – Pterodactyl

Dinosaur 3D Jigsaw Puzzle Small – Pterodactyl

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Go back in time to the prehistoric ages with our wonderful and fun 3D Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles.  Meet the Pterodactyl, some of the largest and scariest flying reptiles in all of history. As far as scientists know, pterodactyls were the largest flying animals that ever lived. Some pterodactyls measured more than 36 feet (11 meters) across with the wings spread out. But the smallest pterodactyls were as small as a sparrow.


  • 45cm X 21cm fully assembled.
  • Made from 3mm Australian MDF Board.
  • Doesn't require glue or adhesives, however, it is recommended to glue the pieces if you wish to display as a permanent feature.
  • Fun for all ages (6+)
  • Made in WA

Note: Items may look slightly different in photos.

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