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Austech Illusions

Angel on Base - White Glitter

Angel on Base - White Glitter

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For centuries, artists have portrayed angels as beautiful humans with wings and glowing light, complete with halos, harps, and flowing white gowns.  Angels are enduringly popular for many reasons, including that they represent unconditional love and appeal to personal experience. Any good luck, meaningful coincidences or unexpected pleasant surprises can be interpreted as the work of angels. Whether real or fictional, angels have been with humans for millennia, and their presence will continue to comfort.

This classic angel figurine is crafted from steel and covered in a beautiful powder coat white glitter finish, making it a beautiful accent to any home or room. It is the perfect size for display on an end table, nightstand or mantlepiece.  

Height: 225mm
Width: 220mm
Thickness: 1.6mm

Made in WA from Australian Steel

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