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Austech Illusions

Australian Flag Wall Art - Raw Finish

Australian Flag Wall Art - Raw Finish

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Upon federation in 1901, Australia’s first Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Sir Edmund Barton, announced an international competition to design a flag for the new Commonwealth of Australia. There were 32,823 entries, of which 5 nearly identical designs were awarded equal first.  The prize money of £200 was divided among the winners: Annie Dorrington from Perth, who became quite a well-known artist; Ivor Evans from Melbourne, a 14-year-old school boy whose father owned a flag-making business; Leslie Hawkins, a teenager from Leichhardt in New South Wales; Egbert Nuttall, from Prahran in Victoria; and William Stevens, First Officer in the Union Steamship Company of New Zealand.

The Australian Flag was flown for the first time on 3 September 1901.  However, for the next 50 years Australia’s official flag was the British flag, the Union Jack. This changed in 1954 when the Flags Act came into effect.  To commemorate the day on which the Australian National Flag was first flown, 3 September of each year is officially recognised as Australian National Flag Day.

Height: 370mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 1.6mm


Made in WA from Australian steel

Please note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.  Items may look slightly different in photos.


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