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Austech Illusions

Bird Feeder on Log Stand

Bird Feeder on Log Stand

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A bird feeder is a wonderful way to attract birds to your garden.  A garden with birds and birdsong is a beautiful, healthy environment and a joy to spend time in.  

Tips - Use a good quality wild bird seed mix from your local supplier or pet food shop.  These are balanced and have all the good stuff in them. Do not use the seed mixes from the supermarket as they are nutritionally poor.  Don't feed them every day and only put a little in at a time.  You could also pick lots of nectar bearing flowers and seed pods from your garden and pop them in your feeder.  Add some dried insects, sliced apple or strawberries as a treat occassionally.  

Clean out leftovers and husks at the end of the day.  Place your bird feeder close to or underneath shrubs and trees.  This makes the small birds more comfortable and gives them an escape route.  Make sure you have a bird bath or drinker nearby.  Plant lots of bird attracting native trees, shrubs and grasses.  Include those with lots of nectar containing flowers, berries, fruits and ones with nice seedy heads too.  Birds love red and yellow flowers (like bottlebrushes), so include them in your "natures supermarket".

  • This bird feeder has a good strong base that may be secured to the ground with stakes, buried under stones or in the ground, for stability.
  • Each bird feeder is made from reclaimed wood and as such the wood will vary in shape and form. 
  • Height - variable, depending on what wood is available and suitable.  Generally around 1.5-1.6 metres.

Note: items may differ slightly in appearance from images.  


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