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Austech Illusions

Butterfly Flutter

Butterfly Flutter

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Possibly the most loved insect on the planet, the butterfly has captivated children and inspired artists and writers since the beginning of time. With their beautiful colours, intricate patterns and delightful, fluttering flight they inspire happiness. In art and literature they are often seen as symbols of freedom, transformation, new life and hope. 

These butterflies will sway gently in the breeze, adding beauty and movement to the garden or landscape.  Attached to a sturdy round base, the item can be secured to the ground with a pin and then covered with mulch, pebbles or soil to hide the base if you so desire.  

Width: 650mm
Overall Height: 1060mm
Thickness: 1.6mm

Made in WA from Australian steel

Note: items may have sharp edges
Items may differ slightly from images
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