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Austech Illusions

Chicken Hawk on Tree Stake

Chicken Hawk on Tree Stake

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The Collared Sparrowhawk (also known as a Chicken Hawk)  is a medium-sized, finely built raptor (bird of prey) with wide staring bright yellow eyes.  Collared Sparrowhawks rely on trees or tall shrubs for cover to ambush their prey, darting out to catch small birds. At other times they sit quietly and are very easily overlooked.

Width: 390mm
Height: 390mm
Thickness: 1.6mm

How to use:
Simply place the pointed end on the tree where you would like to place it.
Using a hammer, bang the straight end until the pointed end is stuck in the tree.

Made in WA from Australian steel

Note: Products may have sharp edges and pointy bits.

Items may differ slightly to images.

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