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Fire Fighter Pump 7Hp 1.5" Diesel Pump - Electric Start

Fire Fighter Pump 7Hp 1.5" Diesel Pump - Electric Start

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Fire Fighter Pump 7HP WP1.5 - Diesel with Electric Start

Perfect for use as backup fire fighting pumps.  GARPEN diesel fire fighting pumps are known for their class-leading performance and the ability to operate at a full pump curve without overloading the engine. Diesel fire pumps are used where there is no access to electricity.
Diesel firefighting pumps are both portable or stationary and are used by firefighters, emergency response teams, and fire prevention for farms or houses surrounded by forest who need a defence to quickly and effectively combat fires and a very effective where the water pressure is too low.

Diesel fire pumps benefits:

Portability: Diesel fire fighting pumps are lightweight and portable, which makes them easy to move to different locations as needed. They can be quickly transported to the site of a fire and set up without the need for a nearby power source.

Versatility: Diesel fire fighting pumps are ideal where there is no electricity, such as rural locations or construction sites. Fire often cuts out power making it essential for petrol fire pumps.

High Performance: Diesel fire pumps are designed to deliver high water flow rates and pressures, making them ideal for fighting fires where there is low water volume. They can quickly extinguish fires by providing a strong stream of water from water tanks.

Durability: Diesel fire pumps are made from high-quality materials that are designed to withstand harsh conditions and heavy use caused by a fire emergency.

Ease of Maintenance: Diesel fire pumps require minimal maintenance compared to other types of fire pumps. They are easy to service and repair, and their simple design means that they are less likely to break down.

Diesel fire fighting pumps are a reliable and effective option for fighting fires in a variety of settings 

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Spares are available in WA.

12 month Return to Base Manufacturers warranty*

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