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Living Wall - Bamboo Design - Metal Garden Art Feature - Includes Pots & Mounting Rail

Living Wall - Bamboo Design - Metal Garden Art Feature - Includes Pots & Mounting Rail

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Breathe new life into your outdoor area with a living wall.  Vertical gardens are ideal for apartments, small spaces, alfresco areas, or covering an ugly wall. They improve the air quality around the home, add visual interest, and can screen out unwanted views or nosy neighbours.  

The Living Wall - Bamboo, comes complete with 4 pots ready for planting up.  Choose your location, install the wall in place, then drop in to your local nursery and get some good quality potting mix and your chosen plants.  Herbs, strawberries, succulents, grasses, small annuals and perennials or ferns. Gorgeous trailing plants like Hoya, Baby's Tears, Rhipsalis and String of Pearls are all perfect for sheltered, shaded areas and would look superb in a living wall.  Pot your chosen plants up and water in with a seaweed plant solution to give them a great start.  Water daily and fertilise with a good liquid fertiliser every few weeks.  

Care hints:  choose a potting mix that contains water crystals to assist hydration as small pots dry out quicker than large pots.  Alternatively, water in a quality liquid wetting agent on a monthly basis.  Consider installing an automatic watering system.  Choose your plants according to the location of the wall.  Succulents and other hardy plants will be fine in a sunny, slightly exposed site, however herbs will require a more protected location with indirect sunlight and out of the wind. 

Width: 900mm
Height: 900mm
Thickness: 25mm
Thickness Inc Pots: 175mm 

Made in WA from Australian steel

Please note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.  Items may look slightly different in photos.

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