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Austech Illusions

Crow on Tree Stake

Crow on Tree Stake

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It’s not easy telling crows and ravens apart just by looking at them.  Ravens have grey bases to their feathers, while crows have white bases.  Which is really helpful if that big black bird is standing on your nose holding its feathers open, but not so good if it’s up a tree or across the road or something. Ravens distinguish themselves by having longer feathers around their throat, which can be noticed from a bit of a distance.  The best way to tell them apart seems to be from the call they make. The Australian Raven makes a long almost-human-sounding ‘aarrr, aarr, arrrrrrrrrrrrrr’ (that last ‘arrr’ is noticeably drawn out) whereas the Australian crows make a call more like an ‘uk uk uk’ or a ‘nark nark nark’.  Ravens tend to travel in pairs, while crows prefer groups.

Our gorgeous crow is perfectly suited to all garden styles and can be easily attached to trees or a wooden post.  

How to use:
Simply place the pointed end on the tree or post where you would like to place it.
Using a hammer, bang the straight end until the pointed end is stuck in the timber.

Width: 275mm
Height: 360mm
Thickness: 1.6mm

Note: This product may have sharp edges and pointy bits.  Item may differ slightly from image.

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