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Austech Illusions

Metal Dog Silhouette - Greyhound - Raw Finish

Metal Dog Silhouette - Greyhound - Raw Finish

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The English Greyhound, or simply the Greyhound, is a breed of dog, a sighthound which has been bred for coursing, greyhound racing and hunting.

Greyhounds are the only breed of dog specifically mentioned in the Bible. Greyhounds are the second fastest animals on earth. Only the cheetah is faster.

Since the rise in large-scale adoption of retired racing Greyhounds, the breed has seen a resurgence in popularity as a family pet.

Raw Finish - will gain rusty patina over time.

Made in WA from Australian steel.

Height: 450mm
Width: 600mm
Thickness: 1.6mm

Note: our art is made from raw steel and may have sharp edges and pointy bits.  Item may look slightly different in images. 

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