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Fire Pit -The Inferno - Swinging - Powder Coated Top Hanger

Fire Pit -The Inferno - Swinging - Powder Coated Top Hanger

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The Inferno fire pit has quite a distinctive feel.  You could easily feel like you are in another time and place while standing around this unique swinging fire pit.  Maybe your imagination runs to the wild west frontiers or in the company of Vikings....

The Inferno is an ideal size for a large backyard, bush block or shack.  Easy to sit or stand around and a great height for warmth. Throw some a good quality steak on top and enjoy that wonderful smoky char that only comes with real wood smoke and flames.  Chill out and sit back, staring at the firelight and get some relaxation time in.  Or get out the guitar and see who sings the best....or worst.  There is nothing like a good fire to sit around on a cool night, having great conversation and making memories with friends and family.  Whatever you do around the fire, this firepit will create the most wonderful atmosphere.

Size: 1650mm x 1650mm x 2400mm

Packs down when not required. All parts except the legs fit into the fire pit bowl.

Powder coating to top tripod frame assembly only

Made Proudly in WA from Australian steel

Optional Extras : Grill Plate

WARNING: Suitable for wood fires only
DO NOT use heat beads, accelerants, etc.

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