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Firefighting Trailer Unit - with Pump, Tank, Skid & Hose

Firefighting Trailer Unit - with Pump, Tank, Skid & Hose

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Note : Due to the high costs of freight we are unable to ship outside of Western Australia.


Whether its from a stray machinery spark, lightning, a careless cigarette or arson. 
And its not just confined to our volatile fire season.  It can happen any time. 
Be prepared for any situation, have your fire plan in place and be ready to go with your firefighting equipment.  

 This Firefighting Unit is designed to be towed by vehicles, ATV's and tractors.
Ideal for home/rural based workshopssmall acreage owners and rural properties. 
This unit is not road licensed and can not be legally towed on public roads.

We test every unit upon completion of construction for quality control, and to ensure that it performs smoothly and correctly. Each unit is ready to use immediately. 

PUMP—1.5″ Fire Pump Single Impeller 7.5hp Carbide Seal HG15A 
TANK—1000L Intermediate Bulk Container
SKID—1750mm x 1020mm galvanised steel tube construction with fire reel stand
HOSE—19mm x 36m fire hose reel complete with fittings                                                  OVERALL TRAILER DIMENSIONS - 3500 Long x 1520 Wide x 1650 High

A - Recirculation of Water fittings $180.00 inc gst
B - Draw direct from Tank/Pool/Dam $180.00 inc gst                                                          C - Quick Fill from other water source (ie pool dam etc) $320.00 inc gst (This option includes A & B) 

HG15A Fire Fighter Pump is the ultimate high pressure fire fighter. If you need a dedicated high pressure pump this is the one to go for. The design of this fire pump features threaded impellers meaning no key-way between the impellers for ultimate durability.  The pumps are built with Silicon Carbide shaft seals. Silicon Carbide gives the ultimate in wear resistance and is proven to offer the longest possible service life.  We know quality and durability are important all Garpen pumps feature solid commercial grade construction giving many years of reliable service. These pumps carry a 1 year warranty for complete peace of mind.  With 80 meters (112psi) of pressure head this pump has enough ‘go’ to fight fires and push water over longer pipelines. Easy starting engines and a rugged build mean your pump will last you for many years of hard service.

Note : Due to the high costs of freight we are unable to ship outside of Western Australia.

12 Month Return to Base Manufacturers Warranty*

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