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Austech Illusions

Flower - Daisy with Leaves on Stake

Flower - Daisy with Leaves on Stake

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The sweet simplicity and genuine beauty of the daisy have made the flower an international emblem of innocence and purity. Its fresh, crisp appearance has come to symbolize new beginnings, and its bright, spirit-lifting colours are known to spread happiness.  With over 20,000 varieties, its no wonder that it is one of the worlds favourite flowers.  The daisy is thought to have got its name from the Old English phrase “daes eage,” or “day’s eye,” because of the way the flower blossoms at the first sign of dawn.

These lovely rustic daisies can be used singularly placed in a pot plant, or grab a bunch a make a fantastic display (as shown). 

Width: 175mm
Length: 380mm
Thickness: 1mm

Made in WA from Australian steel.

Note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and may have sharp edges.
Items may differ slightly from images.

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