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Austech Illusions

Flower - Lotus Medium - Metal Art - Raw Finish

Flower - Lotus Medium - Metal Art - Raw Finish

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The Sacred Lotus - native to northern Australia and parts of Asia,  Beneath the lotus’s delicate exterior lies a deeper meaning nearly as old as time. The flower holds great symbolic weight in many cultures, and is considered one of the most sacred plants in the world.  The lotus has a life cycle unlike any other plant. With its roots latched in mud, it submerges every night into the water and miraculously re-blooms the next morning, sparklingly clean. In many cultures, this process associates the flower with rebirth and spiritual enlightenment. With its daily process of life, death, and re-emergence, its no wonder that the lotus holds such symbolism.

This rustic lotus looks beautiful on its own or in a group.  As each Lotus is hand shaped and crafted, the petals are shaped individually in to place to create lovely individual blooms.  Can be used indoor or outdoors, in a pot or in the garden bed.  

Width: 200mm
Length: 481mm
Steel Thickness: 1.6mm


Made in WA from Australian steel.

Note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and may have sharp edges.
Items may differ slightly from images.

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