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Austech Illusions

Flower - Purple Poppy on Stake - Metal Art - Small 100mm Wide

Flower - Purple Poppy on Stake - Metal Art - Small 100mm Wide

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The purple poppy remembers animal victims of war and human violence, as well as honouring and recognising animals within the armed forces who bravely serve and work the frontline today.  Animals cannot volunteer and have no choice in becoming involved in war when they serve alongside human military personnel.  Animals that have served include dogs, pigeons, camels, donkeys, mules, horses and even elephants.  There were many other animals such as cats and roosters that served as mascots and companions.  

Whether you wish to have a poppy in remembrance or you just love beautiful flowers, this lovely purple poppy will bring you joy.  

Width: 110mm
Length: 420mm
Thickness: 1mm


Made in WA from Australian steel.

Note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and may have sharp edges.
Items may differ slightly from images.


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