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Austech Illusions

Frilled Neck Lizard Sculpture

Frilled Neck Lizard Sculpture

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Frilled lizards, or "frillnecks," are members of the dragon family that live in the tropical and warm temperate forests and savanna woodlands of northern Australia. They spend most of their lives in the trees, but descend occasionally to feed on ants and small lizards.

Sculpture Stephen Rowe - "The Frilled Neck Lizard to me has always held a great sense of majesty and power. The stance of the reptile is always something I've wanted to capture into steel as I feel it’s one of the most important and reconcilable features of Australian folklore”.


  • 3100mm L
  • 1500mm W
  • 1300mm H

Proudly Made In WA from Australian steel

Please note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.  Items may look slightly different in photos.

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