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Austech Illusions

Garden Arch - Grape Vines

Garden Arch - Grape Vines

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Invoke feelings of Tuscany with a beautiful Grape Vine Garden Arch.  
What is Tuscan aesthetic?  Tuscan style is generally warm, earth tone colours and rustic "Old World Mediterranean style". The elements widely used are natural stone, unfinished wood, hand-painted wall or mosaics and raw, rustic steel and iron accessories. 
Imagine sitting down in your garden, under a shady tree, with a lovely Swan Valley or Margaret River wine admiring your new garden arch.....bliss!

To create your landscape the arch could be used in the following ways:-
  • Create an inviting entrance.
  • Define a walkway or separate sections to the garden i.e. herb garden, olive grove.
  • Add interest to a pathway.
  • Use the arch to frame a lovely view.
  • Highlight a focal point such as a sculpture, large potted plant or your personal vineyard.
  • Train an ornamental grape vine up and over the arch.

Height: 2110mm
Width: 1130mm

Made in WA from Australian steel

Note: Our art is made from raw steel and may have sharp edges and pointy bits. Products may look slightly different from photo.  


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