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Garden Edging - Corten Steel Stake with Clip - Each

Garden Edging - Corten Steel Stake with Clip - Each

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Corten Garden Edging Steel Stake with Clip helps keep your edging in place and nice and sturdy. Easy to install and remove if necessary.

Our Corten Steel Garden edging is a beautiful way to separate and define areas in the garden.  Use it to contain garden beds, border lawns and frame pathways.  The colour of the steel, as it ages and develops its unique character, will compliment all garden styles and vegetation. 

Corten steel is not only an aesthetically pleasing material to edge gardens with, it is also strong, durable and practical.  The air and water-tight patina is formed over a six-month period and prevents the steel from rusting any further.  Unlike other metal types, Corten steel tends to become stronger over time instead of wearing out. A strong layer of rust forms on the surface, further strengthening and improving the life of the Corten.  Our garden edging does not need any further treatment and requires no maintenance or upkeep..  This edging is simple and easy to install. No special tools required for installation - only a block of wood and a hammer.  Our unique Active Lock locking system, along with with joiners and spikes, ensures the edging stays firmly in place.  

Height: 350mm
Thickness: 1.6mm   

Made in WA from Australian steel.

Accessories - Garden Edging Joiners 
#700534 - Corner Joiner 190mm x 1.6mm 
#700540 - Corner Joiner with Spike 190mm x 1.6mm
#700535 - End Joiner 190mm x 1.6mm
#700541 - End Joiner with Spike 190mm x 1.6mm
#700533 - Straight Joiner 190mm x 1.6mm
#700539 - Straight Joiner with Spike 190mm x 1.6mm

Note: our product is made from raw steel and edges may be sharp.


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