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Grass Tree 3D Small - Assorted Designs - Raw Finish

Grass Tree 3D Small - Assorted Designs - Raw Finish

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The genus Xanthorrhoea, more commonly known as the grass tree, is an iconic plant that epitomizes the Australian bush in its ability to live in poor nutrient ...

The Grass Tree (xanthorrhoea) is endemic to Australia and can be found in all states and territories.  They are ancient and very slow growing - in fact many are hundreds of years old, only growing 0.8cm to 6cm per year depending on species. A striking and beautiful plant, the Grass Tree, traditionally has been very important to Aboriginal people all over Australia. The resin is used as a glue. Flower spikes are used to make fishing spear shafts and firesticks.  The tough seed pods are used as cutting implements. As a food source, the white, tender sections of leaf bases, the growing points of stem and succulent roots were all eaten regularly. The removal of the growing point was rare as it destroyed the plant altogether. The seeds were collected and ground into a flour to provide dough for cooking a type of damper, within the ashes of a wattle wood fire.  The flower’s nectar forms a sweet, slightly fermented drink. The flower spikes are also an important food source for birds and insects.  

This Grass Tree sculpture is a beautifully hand made design and looks fabulous from any angle due to its three dimensional form.  Indoor or out, it packs a punch and is a reminder of our bush heritage. 

Width: 720mm
Height: 1200mm
Depth: 720mm

Dimensions are a guide only as no two sculptures are identical.

Made in WA from Australian steel.

Note: our art is made from raw finish steel and as such may have sharp edges and pointy bits.   Product may differ slightly from images.

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