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Austech Illusions

Japanese Window

Japanese Window

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This lovely "Japanese Window" will bring an Asian feel to your garden.  And add some good Feng Shui with the element of "Metal".  The five different elements of Feng Shui can be incorporated in a garden with different objects and plants.' They are: Earth, Wood, Water, Metal and Fire.  Good garden Feng Shui could enhance your outdoor space, creating balanced, calm and inspiring surroundings within nature.  The Japanese Window will compliment not only the Asian themed garden but also other styles of garden or outdoor area - modern, cottage or traditional.

The "Japanese Window" could be used in the following ways to enhance the garden:
  • Create an inviting entrance.  
  • Define a walkway or separate sections to the garden or add interest to a pathway.
  • Use the window to frame a lovely view or highlight a focal point such as a sculpture, large potted plant or water feature. 
  • Plant a flowering Clematis and allow it to wind its way up and over the frame for a beautiful floral display, that will compliment the shape and design.

Height: 2090mm
Width: 2200mm

Made in WA from Australian Steel

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