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Kiwi Bird and Fern on Base - Metal Art - Raw Finish

Kiwi Bird and Fern on Base - Metal Art - Raw Finish

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The Kiwi and the Silver Fern - the most recognisable symbols of New Zealand.

The Kiwi bird is totally unique in that it is the only bird in the world with no tail, and it also lacks wings.  This unique bird is found only in  New Zealand. It has special significance to the Māori who once used the feathers to weave kahukiwi (kiwi feather cloak) for their chiefs.

The New Zealand Silver Fern has been accepted as a symbol of New Zealand’s national identity since the 1880s. To Māori, the elegant shape of the fronds stood for strength, stubborn resistance, and enduring power. To Pākehā (New Zealanders of non-Māori descent), the fern symbolises their sense of attachment to their homeland.

We have quite a few expat "Kiwi's" in Australia and many love reminders of home, heritage and perhaps loved ones.  Whether you place it in the garden, have it inside on a shelf or a special area dedicated to all things New Zealand, you will feel close to the homeland with our little Kiwi and Ferns.  Get it as gift to yourself or to someone special.  But you don't have to be a "Kiwi"" to love this piece - its perfect for anyone !

Length: 565mm
Base Width: 150mm
Height: 400mm


Made in WA from Australian steel.

Note: our products are made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.  Items may differ slightly from images.


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