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Austech Illusions

Koala on Branch in Round Frame - Black

Koala on Branch in Round Frame - Black

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The cute and cuddly koala is one of Australia's most well-known (and well-loved) animals.  Koalas spend the majority of their time sleeping.  Because eucalyptus leaves are so low in nutrients and take a lot of time to digest, koalas need to sleep between 18 and 22 hours a day to conserve their energy.  They also have tiny brains because brains use a lot of energy and their diets don’t give them much to work with, so they can only stay awake for around four hours a day!

This lovely little sleepy koala will be right at home lazing around on a wall, inside or outside the home.

Made in WA from Australian steel.

Width: 500mm
Height: 500mm
Thickness: 1.6mm

Powder coated Black

Please note:  Our art is made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.
Items may look slightly different in photos.

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