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Tarantula 3D Large

Tarantula 3D Large

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Australian tarantulas are often known as whistling or barking spiders because of the sounds most species can produce.  They live in tropical, subtropical and arid areas of the world. In Australia, there are 7 tarantula species - 6 of which live in Queensland. Other areas where tarantulas are found are: New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. The two species that are often kept as pets are Selenocosmia crassipes and Phlogiellus.  

This large steel tarantula sculpture will certainly attract attention when on display.  Perfect for the enthusiast or someone looking for a unique art piece. 


  • Made from 3mm Australian Steel


  • Height: 540 mm
  • Length: 1860 mm
  • Width: 2170 mm
  • Thickness: 6mm

Made Proudly in WA!

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