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Frilled Neck Lizard 3D Large

Frilled Neck Lizard 3D Large

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The Australian Frilled Lizard is the most popular of our lizards because of its unusual looks and behaviour.  It has many other names: Frill Neck or Frilled Neck Lizard, Frilled Dragon, and often it is affectionately dubbed "Frilly".  They are the reptile emblem of Australia and they used to feature on our currency (but we don't have two cent coins anymore.)  Frilled Neck Lizards certainly do their best to look like a scary dragon when they feel threatened, but looks is all there is to it. They are perfectly harmless.

These very distinctive lizards are world famous, as they are so photogenic...and fabulous for steel sculptures ! 


Made from 3mm Australian Steel


  • Height: 800mm
  • Length: 1200mm
  • Width: 700mm

Please note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.

Note: Items may look slightly different in photos.

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