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Austech Illusions

Pot Buddies - Butterfly on Stick - Raw Finish

Pot Buddies - Butterfly on Stick - Raw Finish

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Possibly the most loved insect on the planet, the butterfly has captivated children and inspired artists and writers since the beginning of time. With their beautiful colours, intricate patterns and delightful, fluttering flight they inspire happiness and delight. In art and literature they are often seen as symbols of freedom, transformation, new life and hope

This pot buddy butterfly is on a steel stake that makes placement into the pot or garden simple and can be changed or moved whenever you feel like it.  These are also great to add some interest when the flowers have finished for the season.  A perfect gift for gardeners or indoor plant enthusiast. 

Made in WA from Australian Steel - Raw finish

Dimensions: 280mm x 150mm x 100mm

Note: some steel products may have sharp edges

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