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Austech Illusions

Pot Buddies - Gecko on stick

Pot Buddies - Gecko on stick

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Did you know -If you shine a flashlight in a gecko’s ear, the light will come out the other ear.  Cool, don’t you think?  One of their most famous talents is their ability to scurry along slick surfaces — even glass windows or across ceilings. The only surface that geckos can't stick to is Teflon. Well, dry Teflon. Add water, however, and geckos can stick even to this seemingly impossible surface!  They do this through specialized toe pads.  Contrary to popular belief, geckos don’t have “sticky” toes, as if covered with glue. They cling with incredible ease thanks to nanoscale hairs, known as setae, that line every toe in huge numbers. Taken together, the 6.5 million setae on a single gecko can reportedly generate enough force to support the weight of two humans.!  

This Pot Buddy is on a steel stake that makes placement into the pot or garden simple and can be changed or moved whenever you feel like it.  These are also great to add some interest when the flowers have finished for the season.  A perfect gift for gardeners or indoor plant enthusiast. 

Made in WA from Australian Steel

Dimensions: 310mm x 140mm x 1.6mm

Note: some steel products may have sharp edges

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