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Premier Lite Small Engine Oil 10W30 1 Litre - Hi-Tec

Premier Lite Small Engine Oil 10W30 1 Litre - Hi-Tec

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Premier Lite - Small Engine Oil 10w30 

Premier Lite SN/CF 10W30 is the ultimate in protection and performance designed for the professional workshop.

This premium quality engine oil is made using the latest synthetic technology base oils.

It meets and exceeds the API SN/CF specifications and is suitable for most types of petrol and four stroke diesel engines including those engines with small clearances and those operating under the most severe and varied operating conditions, such as high temperature motorway driving or low temperature stop-and-go driving.

Premier Lite SN/CF 10W30 is also ideal for cold starting situations because of excellent low temperature fluidity characteristics, and it also provides increased engine life since the wear rates associated with older quality engine oils is decreased by up to 20% for cams and 13% for bearings.

Premier Lite SN/CF 10W30 contributes up to 21% less oxidation and more protection from piston deposits compared to older engine oils when tested under the Sequence IIIE test technique.

Fast Flow at cold temperature starting.
Protection for high temperatures.
Protection from piston deposits.
Cleaner engines.

CAUTION : Keep out of reach of Children. Do not fill container with fuel solvent - static could cause fire. Avoid prolonged and repeated skin contact with used oils. Protect the environment by disposing of used oils properly.

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