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Austech Illusions

Willie Wagtail on Tree Stake - Raw Finish

Willie Wagtail on Tree Stake - Raw Finish

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Willie Wagtails got their name from actively shaking and wagging tails from side to side when flitting amongst branches and running along the ground.  It is thought that the movement of their tail and wings disturbs insects which then become wagtail food.  These little birds will also follow larger animals around as they walk because the insects the animals disturb are easy feed for the little birds.  They will also follow people for the same reason.  Wagtails are lovely to have in the garden as they reduce pest insects.  They are also amusing to watch with their funny antics. They also have an interesting habit of singing quite loudly on moonlit nights.

    Our little wagtail tree stake is a lovely way to add some personality to the garden.  

    Height: 260m
    Length: 300mm
    Thickness: 1.6mm

    How to use:

    Simply place the pointed end on the tree where you would like to place it.

    Using a hammer, bang the straight end until the pointed end is stuck in the tree.

    Please note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.

    Note: Items may look slightly different in photos.

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