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Austech Illusions

Dragonfly On Stick Small

Dragonfly On Stick Small

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There are few species in the animal kingdom that can compare to the dragonfly's spectacular flying ability.  Dragonflies can fly in any direction, including sideways and backward, and can hover in a single spot for a minute or more. Dragonflies are among the most ancient insects and were some of the first winged insects to evolve, about 300 million years ago. While modern dragonflies have wingspans of about two to five inches, fossil dragonflies have been found with wingspans of up to two feet!


  • Comes on 1000mm stick


  • Height: 230mm
  • Overall Height: 1150mm
  • Length: 290mm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm

Made Proudly in WA from Australian Steel

Note: Some products may have sharp edges
Items may look slightly different in photos

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