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Austech Illusions

Small Snail Statue

Small Snail Statue

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Fun Fact !  Snails have the highest number of teeth among other animals.  A snail’s mouth though the size of a pin, can have up to 20,000 teeth depending on the species.  More surprisingly, species of marine snail’s teeth have the strongest natural material in the world.  Aside from their crazy number of teeth, these small critters have some more surprising tricks up their sleeve – or shells. As if their signature slime wasn’t any indication, snails need constant moisture to survive.  When temperatures get fatally dry, snails have to sleep so they can secrete enough mucus to survive. Generally, nap time for a snail can last from a few hours up to 3 years!

Length: 200mm
Heigh: 100mm
Thickness: 1.6mm

Made in WA from Australian Steel

Please note: Our art is made from raw finish steel and edges may be sharp.  Items may look slightly different in photos.

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