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Spinosaurus Dinosaur Sculpture Medium

Spinosaurus Dinosaur Sculpture Medium

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Until a few years ago scientists believed that the T-Rex was the biggest and baddest carnivore of all time… but they were wrong. We now know of an even bigger and scarier dinosaur – the Spinosaurus!  Spinosaurus is the biggest predator to ever walk the earth. It was a gigantic 60 foot in length and weighed a humongous 20 tonne. This is the same as about 3 large elephants.  It is believed they ate fish, and lived on both land and shallow water.  

If you are a dinosaur enthusiast you will love this very cool steel Spinosaurus skeleton.  Most definitely a statement piece.  Looks amazing when placed amongst ferns, grass trees and cycads in a Jurassic style setting.  Add some more dinosaurs from our range to get your own dinosaur park!


  • Made from 5mm Australian Corten Steel


  • Length:  2060mm
  • Height:  1200mm
  • Width:  800mm

Proudly made and designed in WA!

Note: Our art is made from raw steel and may have sharp edges and pointy bits.  Item may appear slightly different in images.

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