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Triceratops Dinosaur Sculpture Large

Triceratops Dinosaur Sculpture Large

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Triceratops horridus cut a formidable figure in the prehistoric landscape due to its enormous head that was ornamented with three horns and a bony frill studded with spikes.  And Triceratops was big - over 2 metres tall and up to 8 metres long and weighed  as much as 7 small cars !

Ours Triceratops isn't quite as big as the real thing, however it isn't small at all, standing nearly a metre and a half high.  It will be sure to create a buzz with its imposing and striking appearance.  Try placing this one in a Jurassic style garden along with some cycads and ferns - it will look amazing!  Several of our clients have more than one variety of our dinosaurs and have created their own Jurassic Park style property to great effect.  


  • Made from 6mm Australian Mild Steel


  • Length: 2860 mm
  • Height:1300 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm

Proudly made and designed in WA!

Note: this product may have sharp edges and pointy bits

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