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Velociraptor Dinosaur Sculpture Large

Velociraptor Dinosaur Sculpture Large

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The Velociraptor or "Raptor" dinosaur was actually no bigger than a turkey or dog, had feathers and weighed around 15kg.  Although its sharp teeth and clutching hands were certainly unpleasant, the go-to weapons in Velociraptor's arsenal were the single, curved, 3-inch-long claws on each of its hind feet. Research suggests that the razor-sharp claw was used for stabbing, not slashing, and it was probably used as a hook to prevent prey from escaping. In the highly successful movies of Jurassic Park the Raptors are depicted as a very intelligent creature, able to communicate with each other and far bigger and deadlier than it actually was in the time of dinosaurs. The reality is that they were more like carnivorous oversize chickens.   

We prefer the Jurassic Park version though.  Much more fun!  If you are a dinosaur fan you will love this sculptures intimidating and impressive presence.  Try placing this one in a Jurassic style garden along with some cycads and ferns - it will look amazing!  Several of our clients have more than one variety of our dinosaurs and have created their own Jurassic Park style property to great effect.  


  • Made from 6mm Australian Mild Steel


  • Length: 3200 mm
  • Height: 1900 mm
  • Width: 1000 mm

Proudly made and designed in WA

Note: these products may have sharp edges and pointy bits

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