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Weathervane - Rooster

Weathervane - Rooster

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Roosters were commonly used as weather vanes on churches in both Europe and America for hundreds of years. Roosters are useful as wind vanes because their tail is the perfect shape to catch the wind. Symbolically, the rooster is the first to see the rising sun and announce the day.  In modern times, they are mostly used as architectural ornament, but they have always provided a means for showing the direction of the wind. With careful and consistent observation, a weather vane can help indicate a storm is coming, or that a cold snap is on the way.  

Our rooster is a very handsome bird, a classy addition to your roof, and and indicates the direction wind direction accurately.


  • Made from 1.6mm Australian Steel - Raw finish
  • Comes with easy mounting bracket



  • Height: 690mm
  • Length: 560mm
  • Width: 560mm
  • Thickness 1.6mm


  • Height: 1180mm
  • Length: 560mm
  • Width: 560mm
  • Thickness: 1.6mm

Made Proudly in WA!

Note: our art is made from raw steel and this product has sharp edges and pointy bits.  Product may differ slightly from images.

Please note if we are shipping this item, we will make it to flat pack, to save on postage costs.

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